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Extrovertic delivers strategy-driven campaigns that build business in today's turbulent healthcare environment. According to our clients, no agency comes close to offering extrovertic's exceptional level of strategic support.

We are healthcare marketing junkies on a mission. We scan the world over for unexpected ways to engage people in their health. Then, we break these ideas down into solutions our clients can put into action.

Why look so far and wide?

Because healthcare communication done right changes lives.

Extrovertic is a woman-owned business certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council.

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Dorothy Wetzel

founding partner,
chief extrovert

Dorothy is the founder of extrovertic. She believes that by actively engaging the world beyond pharmaceuticals, companies can transform patients' lives in bold and exciting ways—and in doing so, transform themselves from R&D companies to full-fledged marketing juggernauts.


Our actions activate your brand

The Amplified Effect of One-to-One

Patient marketing usually takes a backseat to physician marketing and sales in many young pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Our Vertex client, however, was determined to take a different approach. That meant developing one-to-one communications for patients across multiple consumer touch points.


Extrovertic implemented a relationship marketing program, from infrastructure design to creative execution.

  • Building upon our knowledge of patient behaviors, we constructed a relationship marketing program that successfully prepared patients for, and got them through, a difficult treatment regimen
  • We created a best-in-class, multichannel vendor network that enabled Vertex to communicate with patients on Day One of the launch
  • Using relationship marketing best practices from inside and outside the pharmaceutical industry, we developed policies and practices to reduce risk
  • Our branded and unbranded creative executions made people respond by phone, e-mail, and mail


To date, the program has met all key client KPIs.

Our actions activate your brand.

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We need a few good extroverts. Extrovertic is not your average healthcare agency. That's because it's not run by average healthcare agency people. From the founders on down, our "extroverts" are a special breed: innovative, passionate, patient-centric, and just plain fun to be around. And because extrovertic is growing rapidly, we need more extroverts at our offices in New York City and Cambridge, MA. We're looking for 360˚ creatives, account executives, project managers, strategic planners, CRM strategists—you name it. If you think there's an extrovert inside of you dying to get out, send your resume to:


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